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Oct 26, 2007

McCain hires buys an infinite number of typewriters and hires some monkeys

McCain speaks truth.
And now one minute of respect for McCain. He said:

“Anyone who knows what waterboarding is, could not be unsure. It is a horrible torture technique used by Pol Pot and being used on Buddhist monks as we speak,” said McCain after a campaign stop at Dordt College here.

“People who have worn the uniform and had the experience know that this is a terrible and odious practice and should never be condoned in the U.S. We are a better nation than that.”

Now if he will vote against Mukasey, and then remove himself from the race (presidential, that is. We can allow him to remain in the human race.)

McCain dodges on Mukasey

That just about cuts it. We can rescind the minute of respect.


Anonymous said...

You scared me for a moment there, Crow. I was going to arrive with chicken soup or something and nurse you back to health.



dguzman said...

Psych! He had you going for a minute, didn't he?

So can we rescind on the "human race" allowance?

Anonymous said...

You would think that after the years of torture he went through that McCain would finally take a principled stand on waterboarding. But when I saw that photo of him hugging W like he was hanging on for his life, that's when it was absolutely clear that McCain will suck any dick to get into the white house. Not that it will work. Reap what you sow, motherfucker.