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Oct 23, 2007

Maritime Treaty Signed with Mongolia

The United States signed a pact Tuesday with Mongolia, which is landlocked, to carry out high-seas interceptions of ships suspected to be ferrying weapons of mass destruction. The agreement was signed by Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte, seen here in September 2007, and Mongolian Foreign Minister Nyamaa Enkhbold.(AFP/File/Tim Sloan)
I'm sure the Swiss will be ticked off when they hear this news.


Distributorcap said...

our govt has become the onion

Anonymous said...

Except, distributorcap, at least we can laugh when we read the Onion.

ellroon said...

WTF?? Mongolia?

Negroponte must really be concerned about rising sea levels..

Suzy said...

Ellroon, you took the words -- ALL the words -- right out of my mouth!