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Oct 16, 2007

Holy crap, I mean just holy crap!

Romney's New National Security Adviser Said He'd Torture "In A Heartbeat"
By Greg Sargent - October 16, 2007, 1:26PM
Retired General James "Spider" Marks, who has just been named a new national security adviser to Mitt Romney's campaign, asserted in a 2005 interview that he would readily torture prisoners to save a soldier's life or stop a terror bomb, saying: "I'd stick a knife in somebody's thigh in a heartbeat."

Here is the link. This neanderthal needs to turn off "24" and watch some old movies where the bad guys did the torturing and the torture did not work.

He did not suggest putting the terrorists in cages on top of the car....
Unfortunately, I'm sure this quote will play well with the republican base.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of that fucking hypothetical where it is posited that you have someone with information about a nuclear weapon that is going to go off within the hour. When the fuck has that happened? It's bullshit. Enough.

dguzman said...

No doubt it'll play well. The standard now for president/cabinet seems to have gone from "world statesman" to "bad-ass mutherfucker who's gonna kick some Haji ass!"

Way to go, Amurka.

Sorghum Crow said...

and if you read the interview to the end (i finally did), the quote is from a few years ago. What is absolutely amazing is that the eejit admits that torture doesn't work, but he'd stab the interrogatee in the leg anyway, just for good measure I suppose.

Distributorcap said...

any predictions as to when this Roman Empire finally falls if one of the idiots on the GOP gets elected

Fran said...

Last week I was listening to something on my local NPR and they were interviewing some torture and interrogation expert.

Not to fast... the expert pretty much said that the current asswipes, oops I mean admin have totally derailed any meaningful interrogations

He specifically compared what happens now to "24" and other shows.

Here's a real shocker... that doesn't happen in real life!

In real life that kind of torture generally gets you bad info.


Dumb f**kers.

Nice going Mitt-ster.