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Aug 21, 2007

This and $6.50 will get me a latte at the airport

It seems I have been tagged, whatever that means. Some sort of children's game I think. Does this mean I'm it? And if I'm it why did y'all tag other people, too? Does that mean we're it? The grammarian in me just got nauseated. There is no good plural for "it" that really expresses the it-ness of a collection. Oh sure we have they and them, but can one really compare a "they" of people to a "they" of rocks, neocons excepted?

The award looks to be some kind of urological/entomological thing, a so-called piss ant provocateur something or other. I am indeed flattered to have been tagged three times plus some offhanded, I-don't-play-tag-but-if-you-want-an-award,-here-it-is kind of blog posts. And that is just what I want to do. If you are kind enough to read this blog and comment, please consider yourself rewarded, take your pissant award, and remember to check for belongings around your seat before you de-blog.

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