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Aug 16, 2007

There is something in the water in Virginia

How else can you explain all the craziness?

The latest assault on reason.... A Virginian, Henry Hager (the horrible?), became engaged to Jenna Bush, famous first twin.
Read all about it in Yahoo!

"YOU'RE WHAT?" he is not reported to have asked when proposing to her.


Distributorcap said...

as i stated -- Babs the Impaler can use her beautiful mind to plan the event of the century......

her son's impeachment would be nice

i think Jenna and Henry should book at room at the Fallujah Days Inn

Anonymous said...

You know that Jenna is going to really expand after she pushes out that first little republican. Guess Henry can do what the other well placed pugs do and get himself a hot boyfriend on the side.