Can I help you? No, we don't sell pesto sausage, but we do have little weenies.

Nov 10, 2008

George, Laura ...

from Huffpost

"I said put your right foot in. It's the hokey pokey. It's what it's all about. And while you're at it, shake it all about."

Nov 6, 2008


AP Photo/Chuck Burton

Why is Liddy Dole sniffing her fingers?

Nov 5, 2008

Caption contest


The survivors reported few problems at the polls.

Sarkozy wonders if Angela Merkel has Prince Albert in a can


Sarkozy ponders his next prank phone call.

Nov 1, 2008


I can see Canada from my state. Check out this clip of two Montreal radio personalities making a prank call to Palin. She was effing clueless. They did everything but ask if she had Prince Albert in a can.