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Nov 16, 2007

The shape of things to come

Saudi Arabia is creating an independent 35,000 strong force specifically to guard oil infrastructure. Here's the link via The Oil Drum.
The kingdom started recruiting and training the industrial security force a year ago, after a failed al Qaeda attack on the world's largest oil processing plant at Abqaiq in February 2006.

...Al Qaeda's Saudi-born leader, Osama bin Laden, has called for it to take aim specifically at oil.

"There is a new threat to oil installations from terrorists that has to be confronted," Interior Ministry spokesman General Mansour al-Turki told Reuters.

Look at the trouble in Nigeria (not to mention the stellar production records for Iraq for the last few years.)

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Suzy said...

Oh ... thought you were going to write about goats, sort of a Luddite theme, which probably IS the shape of things to come, IF we survive the madness of the Neocons. (Including the Democrat Neocons.)