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Nov 14, 2007


(Now that's a rain dance.)

Sh*t, I though Governor Perdue was praying for a brain.

(DKos reminded me of this story.)
More than 250 faith-filled Georgians joined Gov. Sonny Perdue outside the Capitol this morning to pray for the rain needed to end the area's historic drought.

Perdue asked them to "reverently and respectfully pray up a storm."

Gil Watson, senior minister of Northside United Methodist Church, prayed, "Lord, have mercy on your people, have mercy on us and grant us rain. Oh God, let rain fall on this land of Georgia."
I should become a rainmaker. I can do at least as well as Perdue.


Wimpy said...

Any virgins sacrificed?

Sorghum Crow said...

They couldn't find any virgin sheep.

Anonymous said...

Someone on another blog noticed that the forecast called for rain before Sonny prayed to his lord, but that the forecast changed after his prayer. Is god sending Perdue a message?