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May 25, 2007

When you're done with the Constitution, be sure to flush...

Oy veh. This is rather interesting. The Air Force, a leisure service of the religious right, gets caught evangelizing, again.

Military takes step back from Christian event
Constitutionality is questioned

By Alan Cooperman, Washington Post | May 25, 2007

WASHINGTON -- Following complaints by a government watchdog group, the Air Force and the Army partially distanced themselves yesterday from a three-day evangelical Christian event this weekend at a Georgia theme park.

The theme park in question is Stone Mountain. The town of Stone Mountain is a Christain town, you've heard of born again? Well, the KKK was born again there in 1915.

The festivities will feature a flyover by stealth bombers. If the bombers don't show up, how will they know?


Anonymous said...

I didn't see where recruiting booths would be present either..

Anonymous said...

willis, now that is an excellent idea. You want the flyover, we need recruitment booths.