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May 3, 2007

House arrest anyone?

I saw this on ABC news. The White House press office has handed out yellow cancer bracelets that say 'Tony Snow' to reporters. Theatre much? The press corpse are not your friends, Pony. Please stop trying to get jiggy with them.

I would also be sure to check these bracelets for RFID tags and hidden microphones.
If it turns out that these are actually monitors, I think Martha "Caged Heat" Stewart knows how to trick them.


Bing said...

Those bracelets are awesome! I believe that the Onion sells yellow ones that say "Cheat to win!"

FYI, I always enjoy this site!


Sorghum Crow said...

Thanks Bing, they're from formerly my neighborhood store, but I moved. They also sell the seven deadly sin bracelets.