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Jul 11, 2007

Two mules for Sister Sara

Sara Taylor sputters and stumbles when Leahy questions her. Just watch it. She says she took an oath to the president. She could not even look Leahy in the eye when she talked. I think she may be beginning to start to understand that she might just be in deep doo-doo. She should take a break tonight and watch some old movies, maybe Stir Crazy, or Caged Heat, or Really Mean Prison Matrons from Hell.... Maybe Paris can give her some hints on surviving in the gulag and accessorizing with an orange jumpsuit.


ellroon said...

Holy crap! Nice catch, Sorghum Crow! I'm stealing this (with usual hat tips of course)!

Anonymous said...

No deep doo-doo for her. But a pardon...that's a given. I hope it comes soon too, so there's still time for impeachment proceedings.

Anonymous said...

I still find it hard to grasp why otherwise intelligent, decent people stand so steadfast with this administration. Pollyanna-ish maybe, but given the last six years it's hard to get my mind around it.

Do they just like being lied to?