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Apr 13, 2007

shhhh, I'm hunting wabbits

Who thought a silencer for a tank would be a good idea? Maybe so they don't disturb the neighbors. Perhaps Blackwater security can put in an order for a bushel basketful for their new digs in California.


Bing said...

Wow. Sweet ever-living Jesus on stilts.

I once visited the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and they had some huuuuge railroad guns and a fantastic collection of classic tanks and artilery pieces (many in deteriorating condition, sad to say). As fricking ginormous as the railroad guns were, the biggest guns, by far, were the costal guns that they had on display there. They were concrete apartment blocks capable of flinging freight trains into the ocean. Amazing!

I can see why someone might develop this however; sometimes, if the arc is right, you can hear a barrage coming in before it lands, giving the enemy time to hide.

Not that I generally approve of blowing people up. They have to be real naughty.


Anonymous said...

i think all military weapons should be shaped like male genitalia. after all, if we go not to war rife with cliché, we wouldn't be 'Murika.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Commander, but I don't fold it in half for anybody.