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Jun 13, 2008

Ooooh, shiny....

The resident shows his class.

"Lookit them angels, and that golden throne is shinier than a nickel in a bulldog's butt."


Fran said...

I hate that f*cktard.

So seriously - I hate him.

dguzman said...

Ditto what Fran said. He disgusts me. The midwest is drowning, and he's off in Europe talking shit about "regrets" that people consider him a war-monger. Asshole.

two crows said...

gee, what was his first clue that 'people consider him a warmonger'?

it can't be all those wars he keeps starting. but, folks WILL just keep jumping to conclusions.
silly people.
meanwhile, he's awol during a crisis again.
can't wait till he tells someone they're doin a heckuvajob in Iowa and Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Mine is so old (pen*s) I don't think there is an upgrade for it,Bummer.

Suzy said...

"Mr. Cheney, I WANT that gold. I wa-wa-wa-a-ant it!" "It's okay, Georgie, we'll get it for you."