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Jun 5, 2008

Keep it together, John

(AP Photo/LM Otero)
It's not Charley even if he is short, brown, and dressed in camo.


Fran said...

Shudder! McCain looks like his arms could come loose from his shoulders and that his head might roll forward just a smidge too far and his neck will bend in an unnatural way.

And that freaky jawbone/cheek thing.

Plus he wants to twist that poor kid's head off and snack on it. Yeech!

Me is a'scared!

dguzman said...

"Tango charlie foxtrot! I got the enemy engaged right here! I got Mr. Charlie in my sights! I'm the candidate of the future and the good change! Uh--what?"

ellroon said...

ArrRRRRrrrr... brains! Must ... have ... brRRRrraaAAAAIIiiiInnNnnssssSSs...