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Apr 16, 2008

Crow's Fashion Tips

(Jason Reed/Reuters)
Note to Herr Rap Singer: Do not wear a sheer cassock if you are going to be back lit. Yuck.


dguzman said...

Oy. I gotta tell ya, though--I'm digging the red shoes!

Sorghum Crow said...

What's the Elvis Costello song line? "Angels want to wear my red shoes, red shoes"

Anonymous said...

It needs a slip.



Anonymous said...

I didn't notice...was distracted by his red Prada loafers. Yeah, the church is going to purge the gay priests.

Distributorcap said...

click three times and say there is no place like home

Suzy said...

Yeah, well, how can you not comment on the shoes? I want some.

And so, does the man not wear pants under his cassock? Do you think he's going commando?

Anonymous said...

ahaah. Ratze is such a slut !
THANKS so much for this insight, or whatever you could call it.. lol