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Dec 7, 2007

Poop Scoop

The details of the President's Poop Preparations revealed. I may be spending too much time on this subject, but tough. It's more likely that the Chimperor's toilet is solid gold (brrrr) and serviced by Halliburton.
I am really curious about the actual devices used for the toilet. Do his minions set up a porta-potty in the presidential suite? This device should definitely be a fixture at the Bush Library.
disclaimer: I worked in Alaska in the bush (if you'll excuse the term), and evacuation and its related facilities are a serious concern in the winter. One of the places I worked had the very best view from an outhouse, ever.


dguzman said...

I'm picturing a plastic sheet kinda stretched loosely over the toilet seat, and Chimpy takes aim, delivers the goods, and then Condi "collects the package" and stores for safekeeping. In that place where they put Indiana Jones's box with the Ark of the Covenant in it.

ellroon said...

I first read about the portapotty when Bush traveled to Europe for the first time.

Apparently we actually diverted plumbing (60s? 70s?) of an African tyrant so that doctors could diagnose what diseases/ medicines/ quality of health he had from the collected samples.

So Georgie seems to have taken this to heart. Makes one wonder what diseases/ medicines/ quality of health Georgie has, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Dguzman: Laughed out loud.
Ellroon: I'll take medications for $500.