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Dec 14, 2007

Healthcare -- Quote of the day

From the resistance is futile department:
"(blah, blah, blah, health insurance company) ain't cheap. With a high deductible we still have to cough up $760 a month. (It's like having to make two car payments every month, but you don't get the cars.)"
You should read the whole thing at The Smirking Chimp.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, after reading that I'm actually glad that I have Aetna. Truth be told, they seem fine. I'm lucky, I don't take any prescription drugs unless I have an infection, and even when that happens I must be prescribed a generic that costs about $10.

Distributorcap said...

like PINY i am very lucky when it comes to Health Insurance ---- but i see what it is doing to a lot of families around me and it is one scary proposition......

problem is i dont think ANY candidate really cares about this in the end ----

Anonymous said...

Kucinich does. Edwards has come out fairly strong. There are some options.