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Jun 26, 2007

These kids kick ass

Students explain why they handed Bush letter urging ban on torture

This is a rare story where the words "presidential" and "scholar" are used together.

Every single citizen who meets the imbecile-in-chief, should hand him a letter just as these kids did. Go read this article and watch the video.

The best take-away is when one of the students smacks down the commentator for calling torture a "controversial" issue. She bluntly tells him that it is not controversial. I grew up when only bad guys in the movies tortured and agree that the decision not to torture should never be a controversial issue for America.

Bravo to these three and the rest of the signatories to the letter. I doubt George Bush would come out ahead in an episode of "Are you smarter than a third grader?" Can you imagine him facing off intellectually (hahahahahahaha) against anyone of these college bound students?

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ellroon said...

The best and the brightest students! When I heard about the letter I was so proud of them. True Americans, all of them!