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Sep 21, 2007

News to me

and Saddam killed them all. Damn that Saddam was a busy man. Go see Distributor Cap. D-cap is in an undisclosed location (NEW YORK).


Fran said...

I actually do know exactly where to find Dcap at work or home.

Which makes me sound like a stalker.


Anyway, I am too busy mourning the "man-DELL-ahs". His pronunciation was really something.

Wimpy said...

Didn't the Mandellas have a few hits back in the 60s,
when the Girl Groups were all the rage?

Sorghum Crow said...

Oh yeah, I had forgotten about Vartha and the Mandelas.

Distributorcap said...

ok guys --- do you want me to go broke buying new keyboards...... and this coffee was GOOD!