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Sep 26, 2007

News from the UN

(Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

Members of the United Nations General Assembly look on as Pretzeldint Bush once again relates how he caught a perch in a stocked pond on his "ranch" in Crawford, Texas, USA.

"That sucker was this big! Really."


Suzy said...

And they all know he's lying.

Sorghum Crow said...

suzy is in the house. She must have finished her homework (or be avoiding it.)

Anonymous said...

From the look on Condi's face, I thought maybe he was describing her strap on.

Distributorcap said...

that is not a perch
that is chimpy talking about how Condi has a wide stance

Fran said...

what could i say that would outdo Dcap and Dcup??

dguzman said...

Who's the guy on the right? He looks positively constipated.