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Feb 4, 2009

Smugglers build ramps

Who could have anticipated ...?

From RawStory

US border fence found remarkably ineffective and difficult to complete
John Byrne

Smugglers build ramps
The planned 670-mile fence along the US border with Mexico has proven remarkably ineffective at deterring or stopping illegal crossers to the United States, advocates and critics of the fence admit.

Moreover, the fence's construction remains in limbo in numerous areas, where legal, political and engineering obstacles have brought its implementation to a halt.
While we were worrying about 16-foot ladders, and using ground penetrating radar to look for tunnels, the smugglers were building ramps. That' s just not fair.
In a related story, smugglers were also able to discover the extent of the wall and walk around the end of the fence.


Joe said...

I am always entertained to see simple low-tech solutions.

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