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Jul 3, 2008

President Anti-Midas continues to make headlines

Excerpt from Bloomberg

The dollar's 41 percent drop against the euro during Bush's term writes the economic epitaph of an administration that set out to restore American preeminence. Instead, Bush heads to Japan next week for his final international summit with diminished leverage as Russian and Chinese influence grows.
41 percent! 41 percent! I'll never be able to afford new lederhosen if this continues.

Maybe, he'll make it 43 percent by the end of his term, just for self-referential irony.


Fran said...

43 percent... you are killing me SC!

No, actually. Bush is killing me. Slowly.

With his bullshit.

Joe said...

I took my family to visit Ireland in 2003, and the Euro was around $1.08 or so. The girls fell in love with it and helpfully suggested I could retire there.

A couple weeks ago we were talking about this and realized that, had I done that, my retirement income would have been cut by more than a third.


two crows said...

yeah, bubs--
but given the safety nets most european countries have and which the US most decidedly doesn't, you still might have been better off.

and, you wouldn't have had a ring-side seat at the dismantling of a nation.


Suzy said...

Hey, I have some lederhosen you can have. Shorts or knickers?

We just ordered new tires for the car, Nokians from Finland. They have doubled in price since the last time.

Sorghum Crow said...

Thanks Suzy!
I have the legs for lederhosen (or so I tell myself) but somehow I just don't have the style wherewithal to pull off the look...

dguzman said...

I wonder--is it better to have a "retirement account" in the USA or just be a pauper in Europe?

two crows said...

dguzman --
oh, hands down -- being a pauper has MY vote!
ANYTHING is better than this-- including living in a cold-water, walk-up in Ireland in February.

acourse, having the money to relocate is another thing entirely.