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Jul 3, 2008

Are you sure this is a good idea?

Paramilitary policemen on assault vehicles take part in an anti-terrorism drill in Jinan, Shandong province July 2, 2008. China will have nearly 100,000 commandos, police and members of the military on standby up to and during the Beijing Olympics to handle potential terrorist attacks, state media reported.

Assault vehicle?


Fran said...

What kind of fuckery is that?!

Holy crap.

Segway security- it creeps me out!

Joe said...

Nothing makes you look like a doofus b-movie henchman faster than riding a segue in a uniform.

two crows said...

they'd better not lose their balance.

Suzy said...

Segway pays for my niece to attend the Worcester Polytechnical Institute in Massachusetts. She got a full 4 year scholarship, the first female to do so.