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May 20, 2008

You've seen the news

Credit: Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy

I'm not a praying person, but any of you who are, please say a few for Ted Kennedy.

I met Kennedy when I was four or five. I had gone to Washington for exams and surgery at Walter Reed. My dad was in the Air Force and had died when I was four and I got that good old government funded health care via survivor benefits.

Anyway, in one of my outings with my mother, we went to the Capitol. I was in a wheelchair. I guess we were in the rotunda, and Teddy came walking through. He saw yours truly, a pitiable little kid in a wheel chair, and came over to say hello. I knew he was somebody famous; I may have thought he was JFK. He spoke with my mother, then whisked me away to ride the senators' private elevator and go onto the floor of the senate. That's all.

He's done a lot for this country, but I remember him because he was good to me as a little kid and I wish him well.


Fran said...

That story is amazing - it made me cry.

I once stood in line behind Ted and John Kerry, circa 1989 in the airport. He turned around and smiled at me, very naturally and very kindly.

For anyone who would like to leave a prayer for Ted, my friend Mimi has a nice post and once of the commenters mentions Kennedy's website.

We should just send our good thoughts to him and his family.

Thanks for the story.

Anonymous said...

I not the praying type either, but I'm sending good thoughts. A really nice post, Sorghum.

ellroon said...

I'm sorry about your dad, SC. That's rough to lose a dad so young.

But what a wonderful story and how illustrative of the type of man he is. Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

'Crow -

You've written some of your story before, but you never mentioned this chapter.

What a great memory to have!



Distributorcap said...

what a terrific story....

and it is one of those that stays in your mind forever..... and it does affect you

we are all wishing him good thoughts and strength

LeisureGuy said...

A wonderful story, and a very nice gesture from a young Senator. He did a lot for many people, but few saw him up close. Thanks for sharing the story.