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May 7, 2008

Will he stop at nothing?

Barack Obama is shown here pandering to the pushmi-pullyu constituency.

REUTERS/Jason Reed

(I am not Dr. Dolittle and I approved this message.)


Distributorcap said...

doesnt michael jackson have a whole army of those?

Suzy said...

Hey, SC. Very funny pic and commentary. I just stopped by to say hi. I'm sorry you hate your job (or so you said in comment at FranIAm's site.) I feel exceedingly blessed to be in a period of loving my work right now. The alternative is dreadful; I've been there too.

Peace to you. Hope other things are well. (At least you still have a sense of humor.)

Suzy said...

Hey, you are tagged for a meme, if you are inclined to participate. Directions at my place. be there or be a pushme-pullyu.

Fran said...

Oh dear. Hillary did say he was two-faced, right?

dguzman said...

He looks like he's having a little trouble with irregularity too.