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Jan 12, 2009

Helicopter drivers?

Man, Bush is such a moron. He should have skipped this final presser.


And just plain out of touch.


Anonymous said...

I caught that. What an illiterate dumfuk. Goodbye GWB... and thanks for absolutely NOTHING.

Fran said...

Ugh. Good bye Bush. Leave now.

Anonymous said...

And those are his good points.

Anonymous said...

I know, right! What an idiot. Did you also catch when he said " I member visiting helicopter drivers" member? It's remember dumbass. Oh lord, and he ran our country for 8 years. Scary. Classic moment for this idiot.

lisahgolden said...

A complete embarrassment who doesn't have the sense to be embarrassed.

ellroon said...

And I thought he had been a pilot himself...???

Anonymous said...


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