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Nov 1, 2008


I can see Canada from my state. Check out this clip of two Montreal radio personalities making a prank call to Palin. She was effing clueless. They did everything but ask if she had Prince Albert in a can.


Joe said...

Hah! I just heard this for the first time earlier tonight. Brilliant! I love the long pause after her handlers realize she's been pranked.

Anonymous said...

And she is ready to assume the office of president of the United States. John McCain should be ashamed of himself. I if he was capable of shame.

Fran said...

It was actually embarrassing to listen to at some level, very high eeeew factor.

I read the transcript, which creates a hightened eeew beyond what I already felt.

What a fucking fame and attention whore she is.

Plus doesn't she hate French people?

I used to be able to see a nuclear plant from my college dorm room. I think I will go start one up, I can do that!

two crows said...

first ya have ta learn how to pronounce it.
it's "nucular!"
get with the program, gal!