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Oct 9, 2008

Betty White on Palin!

Mein Gott, she is a funny woman. I remember watching her on Password ages ago.


Jess Wundrun said...

I wonder if I can adopt her for my own Grandma?

Fran said...

OH MY - That was so great, I laughed very hard and totally needed to do so!!!

dguzman said...

I've always loved her, since I first saw her as LuAnne on Mary Tyler Moore.

Anonymous said...

Everyone always forgets her Sue-Ann Nivins character on Mary Tyler Moore, who was a home wrecker. No one does dirty like Betty White.

She had a game show in the 80s and I went to a taping once. She did a warm up act for the audience that was so funny (and raunchy), you just could not help but love her.

Anyway, this was priceless. She is a true star in my book, and one of the few I would want to have a gimlet with (and you know, Know, KNOW she drinks 'em.)



Suzy said...

This was hilarious.