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Sep 19, 2008

Friday night at the improv

AP/Stephan Savoia via WaterTiger

The pudding cups were delayed, so McCain entertained his supporter(s) with a rendition of Little Bunny Foo Foo.


Anonymous said...

I laughed so raucously at that. I startled two cats. And my neighbor just yelled at me to shut up or share.

Anonymous said...






Snave said...

As he appears to be entering his second childhood, I find your post to be thoroughly appropriate! Good one!

Jess Wundrun said...

McCain admitted that he is now required by law to use those quotey finger gestures whenever he says "free market".

dguzman said...

Did I "mention" that "I" was a "Prisoner" of "War" in "Vietnam?" And "Cindy" my "wife" whom "I" affectionately call cunt "sometimes" isn't "addicted" to "pills." She just "has allergies."

Suzy said...

Uh oh -- he's just lost the animal rights activists' vote.

Ed said...

Hair today, goon tomorrow.